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Digital product development

The new age of digital product development in publishing and advertising

Ströer operates the leading digital publishing portfolios in Germany with brands like t-online.de, Giga, kino.de or watson. And beyond our own digital assets we commercialize several thousand websites in German-speaking countries. In total more than 55 million unique users visit Ströer-owned and –operated websites each month such as t-online.de, Giga, watson, kino.de or Kicker.
With around 200 developers around the World, we build digital products that users enjoy and that play an important role in their daily life. We create a unique ecosystem and help web publishers to achieve the best possible monetization of their digital advertising inventory. Our engines collect millions of data points and optimize thousands of parameters each day.

Real-time advertising

At Ströer Labs in Berlin we work on highly efficient real-time advertising. We are 100% science- and technology-focused and process and analyze massive amounts of data. We are working at the cutting edge of big data, machine learning and real-time technologies and we are operating large-scale deployments of real-time web services.
We develop high performance low latency systems. We’re 99% backend. We speak mainly Java, JavaScript, and C++. Behind that, there’s Kafka, Aerospike, and Redis.
We constantly extend our repertoire of big data processing services. With our petabyte-sized Hadoop cluster we have a thousand cores of computation power at your fingertips. We speak mainly Scala, Java, and Python. Buzzwords include: Docker, Kafka, Hadoop, Druid, Flink, Spark, Hbase.

Technical Partner Management is responsible for developing and progamming new ad formats for Ströer Digital Group. We accompany our partners and publishers in the process of integrating into the Ströer Digital Group portfolio and lead the technical aspect of ad delivery on websites. Moreover, we help our publishers and AdOperations with problems during the ad booking process or while the ads are delivered to our users.

Real-time advertising

Tech Departements

Tech Departments in the Out-of-Home organization


Software Development

The Software Development division develops non-standardized SaaS solutions and services and systems tailored to the OOH market for the classic out of home media. In addition, with our integration services solutions, we support the path from the on-premise IT landscape to the hybrid IT landscape and thus the path to the cloud.


In SCore, the existing applications from the Out of Home (OOH) area are gradually being built up in a new standardized application landscape. The new tool will support Ströer in mapping existing and new business transactions in a scalable environment and thus also eliminating current system breaks and reducing the number of interfaces between applications, which is a prerequisite for more homogeneous data storage and use.

Corporate Project and Process Management

The Corporate Project and Process Management department supports all departments of the Ströer Group in designing new structures or processes, in optimizing existing structures, in digitizing / automating processes and in planning and implementing projects that deal with organizational, procedural and IT topics. We accompany the topics from the idea to the introduction.


EasyS is the name of the platform for local sales developed by Group IT, which makes the local online and OoH portfolio bookable. The aim is to support sales in their day-to-day work by bundling all necessary information and queries on one platform. The application is constantly being developed in order to be able to offer customers different information and self-services in the future.

Work with a team and a tech stack you love

At Ströer, technology is key to success for all our products. Our mission is to create the best possible product for our customers and users. Therefore, we support a heterogenous and modern technology stack. Running in the AWS cloud we always try to identify the right tool for the job – whether it’s React, Node, or Go, Java, Scala, and version our code on GitHub. At the same time our teams must take responsibility in operating their applications. You build it, you run it!
We operate with petabytes of data to deliver value for our customers, in real-time, using highly performant applications making use of the newest technologies.

Team & tech stack

Do the right things

Do the right things before doing things right

At Ströer we unite diverse people, capabilities and ideas to create the best solutions. On our journey we always try to fell decisions based on numbers, data, and facts and not on feelings.
We value …

  • our colleagues just the way they are.
  • the concept of fairplay and act on it.
  • flexibility, curiosity and employees who want to develop themselves and others.

We are interested in a wide range of talents, from system engineers to specialized software engineers and data scientists.

What your future colleagues say

Lajos Lange – CTO @ t-online.de

“Tech Empowers Journalism”

“Every day we help millions of people to create their own opinion based on facts. In Order to support our journalists in their daily work, we are creating systems that help to focus on the creative part of journalism. Furthermore, we drive our products towards best in class implementations.”