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Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams im Geschäftsbereich Ströer SSP GmbH suchen wir Dich als…

Senior Software Developer (m/w/d)

Art der Anstellung: Vollzeit, unbefristet
Standort: Berlin
Berufserfahrung: Berufserfahren
Firma: Ströer SSP GmbH
Bereich: IT

Ströer SSP heavily relies on optimized infrastructure to deliver a high volume of real-time programmatic advertising with low latency. Our Engineering competence is at the heart of our success. We constantly strive for technical excellence, efficiency and incorporation of state-of-the-art solutions by combining engineering and science. At the heart of our operation lies the processing and analysis of massive amounts of data, which we approach with a focus on scientific and technological reliability. We are working at the cutting edge of big data, machine learning, real-time technologies and operating large-scale deployments of web services.


We are currently looking for a Senior Software Developer (m/w/d). Please note that we cannot offer fully remote positions outside of Berlin.

You will...

  • Develop applications in a complex distributed system with low latency and high uptime requirements, processing thousands of requests per second

  • Develop applications and business logic in Java, Kotlin, C++, or JavaScript.

  • Debug and monitor applications deployed in Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS

  • Join the Berlin team, responsible for working on core AdTech components: a Demand Side Platform (DSP) and a Supply Side Platform (SSP)

  • Work alongside developers worldwide, in New Zealand, the Czech Republic, and Spain, who also contribute to developing DSP and SSP products

  • Collaborate with the data scientists and engineers working in Berlin who provide data processing pipelines and optimization algorithms

  • Coach and empower developers to understand and develop the underlying platform with you

You have...

  • Some years of working experience in backend development.

    deep knowledge in developing applications in at least one of the programming languages: Java, Kotlin Closure, Scala, C++ Rust, JavaScript

  • Knowledge about message queue systems and various databases and can analyze and debug datasets

    some experience in mentoring or leading small or medium-sized project teams

  • At least some basic understanding of DevOps and apprehend best practices, ideally also some practical experience (infrastructure-as-code, GitOps, k8s, CI/CD, Linux)

  • A desire to learn modern technologies quickly and work on existing code

We offer...

  • A small and highly passionate team of extraordinary co-workers

  • An open, embracing and inclusive culture

  • An agile, focused, relaxed atmosphere with flexible working hours

  • A high level of freedom and responsibility

  • A competitive salary

  • An excellent and spacious office right at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

  • With us you also have the chance to work from home

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