Alina Pfeiffer

Working Student Online Editing, Ströer Social Publishing GmbH


What do you do at Ströer?

I have actually been a working student in the online editorial department at Ströer since November 2017. But I’ve also had the opportunity to gain my first full-time experience in various areas during the semester breaks. My boss kindly calls me “Joker”.

What is your professional goal, what are you passionate about?

The most exciting thing for me are developments: to see what moves society, which topics are well received and how that also changes again and again. Having to keep up with time is the most exciting thing for me.

What makes your job at Ströer special?

Working in a team and always finding a solution to different problems as a team. When I compare my job today with the job I had when I started, you realise how much everything is always evolving.

Is there anything you’ve only learned here at Ströer?

There are many things that I have learnt, that can hardly be said in general terms. You learn to be involved and to think and work creatively in all areas. Your own approach to language and media topics develops every day. Personally, I was also able to learn a lot in the areas of image and video editing.

What are you proud of?

I am proud of the fact that I have used the opportunities to get to know new areas in the editorial office again and again and have also been able to mature personally, thanks to the work, in the team.