Birgit Oßendorf-Will

HR Director, Ströer Group


Birgit Ossendorf

Why do you think one should take the leap to Ströer?

We are a very exciting company with great diversity. What you might not see at first glance or associate with us, we are the largest online marketer, the largest outdoor advertiser and one of the leading digital publishers in Germany. New to this is now additionally our dialogue business. Because of this diversity, we offer a playing field where there are many opportunities to jump in and develop us, but also ourselves. It’s an El Dorado for creative, innovative and digital minds. What shapes and unites us all is that it is always about results and cooperation.

What do you mean by ″It’s all about results and collaboration″…?

There are many things that can be done without any benefit. We focus on the fact that what we do creates an impact and the result is measurable. To be clear, it’s not about who did something wrong, but how we do it right together. That is also my expectation in collaboration. We are looking for people who can and want to network. Internally and externally. Who understand the needs of clients and who know how to bring advertisers and users together in a meaningful way, personally and technically. People who are not afraid to leave their own comfort zone in order to dare something new.

Who are the best employees for Ströer anyway?

Difficult question: how do we evaluate “the best”? Generally speaking, anyone who enjoys delivering results and is curious to continue learning has a good chance of growing with us – and that with the entire programme. In challenges and tasks, in successes and failures, as a specialist or as a manager in the most diverse fields of activity – and that paired with responsibility and a lot of fun. Because it’s only fun with great colleagues who “tick” in the same way. At Ströer, we are therefore looking for both specialised professionals and lateral entrants or lateral thinkers. Those who want to get an early impression of us can do so in the form of an apprenticeship, a dual study programme, trainee programmes and a variety of internships.

How does Ströer support employee development?

To be honest, you don’t see at first glance how versatile we really are, in which areas we are active and what opportunities we offer junior staff. With our “Jump ‘n Grow” talent programme, we support employees who can do more and want to achieve more. Our cross-company “Jump Up” workshops help managers and employees to develop and train their personal skills and abilities. Of course, this also promotes networking within the Group.

Why are you at Ströer?

I’m at Ströer because I can be creative and innovative here and I get to set up HR topics in such a way that they fit the company and are also modern. If something bothers us, we change it. If something is missing, we develop it. In this way I have the chance not only to give impulses, but also to learn something new every day. The speed of implementation is breathtaking, because decisions are made soundly and yet quickly. In addition, I have rarely experienced so many helpful people.

But now I have to stop with the “adulation”. Afterwards I’ll be told that I’m in love with the company. Well, I think that’s true.