Florian Wichert

Deputy Editor in Chief T-Online.de


Florian Wichert

What do you do at Ströer?

As deputy editor-in-chief at t-online.de, I am responsible for the heart of the editorial department: the newsroom. We want to become Germany’s leading digital media brand – this means that in addition to journalistic beacons, exclusive content and formats, we not only put together a reliable news programme, but also the best, fastest and most in-depth in Germany. What topics are people most concerned about right now? What can we offer on these topics? How can we become even better and faster? Can we optimise our work processes? What roles are needed and who fills them best and how? I deal with these questions every day.

What is your professional passion, what excites you?

The organisation and development of a newsroom and an editorial team, exactly for my current job. Helping an editorial team and various departments and teams to organise themselves in such a way that they discover the most important news first, prepare it in the best way and classify it – that is a huge and exciting challenge. A project like t-online.de has never existed before. It is a gigantic incentive to do one’s part to ensure that it continues to be a success.

What makes your job at Ströer special?

An ambitious, young and incredibly pleasant team. The media environment sometimes has a reputation for pressure, resentment and egoism – at t-online.de, on the other hand, we live a team feeling that I have never experienced anywhere else. We want every member of the editorial team to start – and end – their working day with a smile. This seems to work well for the most part. For me, that is definitely the case every day.

Is there anything you’ve only learned here at Ströer?

The most important thing: leadership. I was first allowed to build up the sports department of t-online.de and act a lot according to feeling. Afterwards, I permanently dealt with the topic and learned what leadership really means and can achieve.

What are you proud of?

I was given two great opportunities: one as head of sports, one as head of newsroom – I will always be grateful for the trust and glad to have used it. I am proud to have given opportunities to other young colleagues who also took advantage of them.