Maximilian Prein

Campaign management, Seeding Alliance GmbH

Max is the link between the sales team and our customers. Not only does he have to make sure that the campaigns are designed according to the customers’ wishes, but he also makes sure that the campaigns perform as well as possible.

Why he applied to us, what he hopes to get out of his job and what interests him besides work, he revealed to us in a get-to-know-you interview shortly after he started.


Maximilian Prein

Seeding Alliance: What exactly will your job be with us?

As a Campaign Manager, I will implement different advertising campaigns for clients, oversee their progress and also make optimisations when necessary. I will work closely with the sales team and also interact with our clients to implement the campaigns according to their wishes.

What was your professional career like so far?

I did my Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Media Management at BiTS in Iserlohn. During this time, I completed several internships in which I designed websites and got an insight into the everyday work of start-ups.

Why did you apply to us?

In my studies, I had many different lectures on the topic of marketing. Since I always liked writing and was interested in creative marketing, I always found Native Advertising the most exciting here. Therefore, I was very happy that the Seeding Alliance, as a pioneer in this field, was looking for new team members.
During my studies, I did an internship at a company that specialised in providing start-ups with various services, such as office, storage and conference rooms, but also fast internet connections and presentation technology. Here I noticed that I really like the way start-ups work. Open structures, flat hierarchies, co-determination and responsibility right from the start were something I could also imagine very well for my first real job after graduation.

What do you hope to get out of your new job?

After three years of studying, I now want to really get into practice at the Seeding Alliance and learn a lot of new things. I am particularly looking forward to working with my new colleagues from the Campaigner and Sales teams. But I’m also very excited about the exchange with different clients, as well as the implementation and monitoring of various campaigns.

What do you like to do when you’re not in the office?

I like to play guitar and sing, preferably rock music from all ages and styles. Sometimes I even come up with my own song. Other than that, I like to play video games to relax, where I can immerse myself in a story.