Thomas Mathes

VP Sales & Activation Management

My name is Thomas Mathes and I work as Vice President Sales & Activation Management at Ströer Digital Media GmbH. Here I manage a department of around 30 employees together with two other colleagues.


Thomas Mathes

When and how did you join Ströer?

After graduating with a degree in business administration from the Technical University of Ilmenau (media business), I joined Orangemedia directly as a Business Development Executive. At that time we were only about 25 employees, almost like a start-up, but already connected to Ströer. A few years later, Orangemedia became Ströer Digital Media GmbH.

What did you learn along the way, how did you develop?

Contrary to the opinion at the time that you have to change companies every 2-3 years to make a career, the biggest learning in the first few years was that this was not the case. After a few years in direct client and agency sales, I was finally able to gain my first experience as a team leader with HR responsibility. Most recently, in 2018, I had the good fortune to build up my current department.

What do you think makes Ströer special – why is it possible to have the kind of career here that you have had?

Due to the great dynamism and the constant growth of the entire organisation, new exciting tasks regularly arise on the one hand. On the other hand, I feel that Ströer rewards values such as loyalty and commitment, which is reflected not least in the opportunities offered to me.

In your opinion, why should you take the leap to Ströer?

With the combination of digital advertising, Out-Of-Home and last but not least Public Video (DOOH), Ströer holds the right cards in times of major changes in media use. In addition, the entry opportunities are much more diverse than in my time and the different business areas always allow for a change within the company, if the desire arises here at some point.

What do you have to bring to have fun and be successful here?

I believe that with a certain curiosity, openness to change and dynamism, and the conviction that “just do it” is better than discussing the “how” for a long time, you will find an ideal employer in Ströer.