Tom Hinz

BA Student, Ströer SE & Co. KGaA


Tom Hinz

How long have you been at Ströer?

I have been a BA student here since August 2016. I study marketing and digital media.

Why did you come to Ströer?

Because Ströer offered exactly what I wanted and the job was a great fit with my studies.

What do you particularly like?

Specialisation and bundling on a wide range of channels and formats.

What do you think makes Ströer special?

Very good cohesion between the different subsidiaries and the lived “we-feeling”.

Why do you think one should take the leap to Ströer?

With multi-channel, we offer something that no one else does. And we are the market leader!

What do you have to bring to have fun and be successful here?

Openness, a certain easy-going attitude and you should be able to approach people.