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Our online application system gives you the opportunity to create your individual profile and show us that you are exactly the right candidate for our position.

Simply click on the “Apply now” button in the relevant job posting on our job board and follow the instructions in our application tool.


The typical application process

Different companies, different departments, different requirements for applicants… Every job is different – just like every person. For this reason, our application processes are different – but there are a few core elements that we would like to present to you here:

1. You upload your application to our job board

It’s easy. Because we guide you step by step. Of course, you can also import your data directly from XING or LinkedIn.

When we talk about complete application documents, we would like a clearly structured, complete CV and ideally also relevant (work) references. If you also want to tell us something about yourself, we would also be happy to receive a cover letter. However, this is not obligatory.

As already mentioned, we love diversity, so the requirements for your documents can vary depending on the position. For some positions at our sales organisation Ströer Media Deutschland, for example, we have set up a shortened application process so that you can find each other even faster.

2. We check your documents

As soon as we receive your application, you will be notified that we have received your documents. We will then – curious as we are – take a look at them immediately. We will discuss the further procedure with the hiring department and get back to you.

3. Phone interview

This short telephone interview gives you and us the opportunity to clarify initial questions and get to know each other a little better. After this conversation we are more sure on both sides how to proceed. If we determine that we want to continue, then the more intensive conversations follow. Either by video – or in person.

4. First and, if necessary, second interview

This more intensive interview will definitely take place with colleagues who also know the job very well – namely your direct supervisor and/or your future colleagues.

You may be asked to prepare a small task or a business case in advance. This is a task from your actual day-to-day work, so that you have the opportunity to get a first impression of your future tasks and we can get a first impression of your approach and way of working. Of course, we will talk to you about your and our expectations and see if the chemistry is right. After all, we want to achieve something together.

5. Contract preparation

You can conveniently receive your contract and all documents digitally by e-mail. As soon as you have signed the documents electronically using DocuSign, you can really get started.  Jump! – Now nothing stands in the way of your jump to Ströer!

Ströer SE & Co. KGaA supports the following companies of the Ströer Group in processing applications:

4EVER YOUNG GmbH / ahuhu GmbH / Ambient-TV Sales & Services GmbH / Asam Betriebs-GmbH / ASAMBEAUTY GmbH / Avedo II GmbH / Avedo Essen GmbH / Avedo Gelsenkirchen GmbH Avedo Köln GmbH / Avedo Leipzig GmbH / Avedo Leipzig West GmbH / Avedo München GmbH / Avedo Rostock GmbH / blowUp Media GmbH / Business Advertising GmbH / Content Fleet GmbH / DSA Schuldisplay GmbH / DSM Deutsche Städte Medien GmbH / DSM Krefeld Außenwerbung GmbH / DSMDecaux GmbH / ECE flatmedia GmbH / Edgar Ambient Media Group GmbH / Fahrgastfernsehen Hamburg GmbH / grapevine marketing GmbH / Hamburger Verk.Mittel Werbung GmbH /Infoscreen GmbH / kajomi GmbH / M. Asam GmbH / Nachsendeauftrag DE Online GmbH / Neo Advertising GmbH / Omnea GmbH / OPS Online Post Service GmbH / Optimise IT GmbH / Outsite Media GmbH / Permodo GmbH / PosterSelect Media-Agentur für Aussenwerbung GmbH / Ranger Marketing & Vertriebs GmbH / RegioHelden GmbH / Sales Holding GmbH / Seeding Alliance GmbH / Service Planet GmbH / SIGN YOU mediascreen GmbH / Statista GmbH / StayFriends GmbH / Ströer Content Group GmbH / Ströer DERG Media GmbH / Ströer Content Group Sales GmbH / Ströer Deutsche Städte Medien GmbH / Ströer Dialog Group GmbH / Ströer Digital Media GmbH / Ströer Digital Publishing GmbH / Ströer media brands GmbH / Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH / Ströer News Publishing GmbH / Ströer Next Publishing GmbH / Ströer Sales & Services GmbH / Ströer Sales Group GmbH / Ströer SE & Co. KGaA / Ströer Social Publishing GmbH / Ströer SSP GmbH / SuperM&N UG / Yieldlove GmbH